What We Do.

We are investors and operators focused on growing successful businesses in the Travel, Leisure and Hospitality sector. 

From partnering with existing companies to building brands from scratch, we utilize our management and operational expertise to drive efficiency and performance while ensuring our team and clients are placed in a position to succeed.


Explore our Expertise

Management Expertise

With decades of experience in the Travel, Leisure, and Hospitality sector, Two Wave Group has accomplished the business acumen to reinvigorate existing companies, through evaluating and implementing long-term strategies, recruitment, and training for our team and clients.

Operational Excellence

Our customer-centric operational approach was developed to ensure we are focused on delivering safe, memorable experiences and executing operational excellence through overcoming environmental, legal, technological, and situational changes and hurdles.

Technology & Distribution

Our reservation software and marketing team ensure Two Wave Group stays relevant in the ever-evolving technology landscape. We take a pragmatic approach to technology, meaning these tools should work in harmony and move a business forward. Our marketing team is focused on branding, digital, and distribution solutions for our businesses.