Vision & Values



We believe people are the primary driver of profits. Through recruiting, coaching, mentoring and culture-building, Two Wave Group is committed to offering our people the tools to be successful in their professional aspirations.



Bettering performance is our first mission as this allows us to move quickly into scaling a business. Whether it’s better performing people, products or operations our experienced team takes a mutli-faceted approach, whether that’s thoughtful leadership for motivating people or being data-driven when analyzing products and processes.



Whether investing in electric boats or building brands for the future, sustainability is top-of-mind when making both strategic and tactical decisions.

Travel Back Better


As the travel, leisure and hospitality sector remerges in a post-pandemic world, Two Wave Group is committed to building travel back better. This means we are conscientious of how the business impacts our people, the community and environment. Through thoughtful leadership we believe in positive change to create a better future.