Our Story.

In 2012, The Chicago Electric Boat Company was founded by Ron Silvia and Caroline Winter. With a passion for boating and a commitment to sustainability, they saw an opportunity to introduce Chicagoans and visitors to a new way of enjoying the city's stunning architecture and river views. The company started with two Duffy electric boats and quickly gained a loyal following of customers who appreciated an excellent and unique experience. Since then, the brand has expanded to several different locations, and different products and services. With their expertise in sustainable boating, Ron Silvia and Caroline Winter established Two Wave Group in 2021 as an umbrella brand to encompass all avenues of their expertise.

Today, Two Wave Group has a fleet of over 50 boats nationwide and has expanded into nationwide operations, custom reservation systems, service, leasing, and boat building. Ron and Caroline have built an amazing team of employees, ensuring that the company's high standards for customer service and sustainability are upheld.

Our Founders.

Ronald Silvia


Caroline Winter

Vice President

Our Team

Douglas Jachimeic

Manager of Operations & Special Projects

Carolyn Gardziel

HR & Systems Manager

Janel Ami

Marketing & PR Specialist

Marissa Bosman

Business Systems Analyst

Kelli Kovach

Chicago Cycleboats Operations Manager

Ryan Murphy

Fleet & Philanthropic Manager